The Selection of BP Batam Ambassador 2018

  • Submission of Files : January, 20th of 2018
  • Interview : January, 21 - 26th of 2018
  • Quarantine : January, 29-31th of 2018
  • Night of Grace (Final) : February, 3rd of 2018

The selection of BP Batam Ambassador is an event organized by Tribun EO. This event is to aim to find the best local youth in terms of actualizing the city achievement as well as an amenity for the youth in contributing to the development of Batam. BP Batam Ambassador will carry out a task for one year tenure. They will promote the benefits and potential sectors of various aspects associated with the city of Batam both at the national and international levels. On final day, it presents Puteri Indonesia of Tourism 2017, Karina Nadila as one of the jury and Puteri Indonesia of  Tourism 2016, Intan Aletrino as master of ceremony. This activity is held with the following stages: