Promotion Video of Batam Tourism

  • 1. FunTastic Historical Culture Tourism
  • 2. FunTastic Made Man Features and Sports Tourism
  • 3. FunTastic Shopping Paradise and Culinary Taste
  • 4. FunTastic Coastal and Marine Tourism
  • 5. FunTastic Nature and Eco Tourism
  • 6. FunTastic MICE Tourism
  • 7. FunTastic Health and Wellness Tourism
  • Venue : 30 Tourism Spots in Batam
  • Client : Badan Pengusahaan Batam

Batam Tourism Video Promotion Project of Batam is the making of a tourism promotion video that packs pictures and audio which displays the recordings of the natural beauty of Batam combined with various types of tourism available in Batam embodied in Batam 7 FunTastic Tourism concept.