Football Party and Culinary Bazaar of BP Batam 2018

  • Date : July 14th- 15th of 2018
  • Venue 1 : Jl. Jenderal Sudirman No. 1, Batam, Kepulauan Riau 29432

BP Batam holds the Football Party during the final of FIFA World 2018 and Culinary Bazaar on Saturday and Sunday night, July 14th-15th of 2018, at the Roundabout of BP Batam.

The series of activities filled with a colossal Taekwondo Show Performance that is followed by 3,000 participants. There are also various of live interactive fun games and dance for instance Rampai Batam  Dance which is recorded by MURI (Museum Record of Indonesia) in the  hallmark event of Batam Menari on the last April of 2018. In addition, battle dance, games sprinkled with millions of total prizes  and another entertainment  stuff until the  Final World Cup has won by France.

Like the previous activities, BP Batam also involves small and medium enterprises (SMEs). There are more than 150 participants of SMEs who participate and  offer  many products  to sell such culinary, coffee fest, handicrafts and so forth. Furthermore, overseas tourists also seems to enjoy the Football Party of FIFA World 2018 and Culinary Bazaar.