August 25th of 2018


The Funtastic Ragam Indonesia 2018 is an event that will nurture the spirit of nationalism and patriotism to our nation, Indonesia. This event will present various kinds of Indonesian culture which is known as a pluralistic country with more than 1,300 ethnic groups. A real action is needed to educate and introduce to the society about the diversity of ethnic groups and cultures in Indonesia, also as a medium to strengthening unity and manifestation of harmony in diversity. For this reason BP Batam in collaboration with Tribun Batam present The Funtastic Ragam Indonesia 2018 which will be held on August 25th 2018 at the BP Batam Roundabout.

Series of Events

With various activities that will arise your sense of nationalism, then this series of events will make you feel like you do not want to leave because there are various surprises that make you more excited.

  • Opening Ceremony

The series of events will be opened with various performances that will make you amazed. The opening will begin with  Tari Persembahan Melayu (Malayan Welcoming Dance), followed by a Marching Band performance, then to be continue with the attraction of Drill Command from one of reputable Vocational School in Batam, to be enlivened by performances from Tari Kreasi Nusantara (Nusantara Creation Dance)

  • Tari Rampai Batam (Rampai Batam Dance) Reunion

There will be Rampai Batam Dance Reunion concurrently at Funtastic Ragam Indonesia. This dance was designed by famous choreographer Guruh Soekarno Putra that which performed at the Batam Menari event last April.  Batam Island is an area inhabited by various ethnic groups ranging from Malay, Minangnese, Javanese, Bataknese and other ethnic groups. Seeing this diversity, a work of art entitled Rampai Batam Dance was created to  represent the city of Batam which is often dubbed as a miniature of Indonesia.

  • MURI Record Breaking

In this event, there will be a MURI record-breaking, the records are making 73 meters of Jala bread and record breaking for the highest number of participants who eat Jala Bread which is involving 3,500 participants. This bread has a unique shape that is different from bread in general. Jala bread is usually served in rolling-shaped. This bread has yellow color and perforated like a fishnet, this is what makes its named become Jala (net) Bread. This snack is usually enjoyed with additional curry sauce  with chicken, beef and various flavor.

  • Social Action

Not only presents some enthralling performances from various cultures, but also this event is a place to do good things by taking  care compassionately of each others. 500 orphans are cordially invited to taste the Jala Bread dish made by the cooking participants.

  • The Night Show of Culture and Art

On the peak event of Funtastic Ragam Indonesia, there are non stop art and cultural performances that will be performed by 34 province representatives cross Indonesia as well as show of national theater performance presented by the Bumi Batam Theater which will carry the theme of Indonesian Nationality and Archipelago.


Based on its name, this event strives to create harmony and the spirit of nationalism which recently has been eroded by modernization. The purposes of this event are :

  1. In order to commemorate and enliven the Anniversary of Republic Indonesia, This event is expected to arise the spirit of nationalism in maintaining national values.
  2. To maintain socio-cultural values, which have lived and developed in the Indonesian homeland.
  3. To Support the promotion of Batam tourism industry by making Funtastic Ragam Indonesia as annual event and destination both national and international.
Guest Stars

Funtastic Ragam Indonesia will be enlivened by performances from outstanding public figures. A singer who is known for his shrewdness in singing songs that touch the side of affection and the feelings of his listeners. Irfan Fahri Lazuardy also well-known as Ipang is a cool, nationalist musician like his role in the Message for Archipelago Project, as well as through albums and concerts I am the History (Tony Q and the house of Democracy) and various concerts themed with diversity and universality delivered through music.

In addition, to be more enliven the cooking event that will break the MURI record, Funtastic Ragam Indonesia also presents Priscilya Princessa or better known as Chef Priscil. A former contestant of Master Chef Indonesia, she is a celebrity chef and actively performs at TV Show “Ala Chef” Trans TV program. In this event, Chef Prisicil will do a cooking demonstration of Roti Jala, traditional dish from Malay land.


To enlive the event, Funtastic Ragam Indonesia will hold a Nusantara Stand Decoration competition. This competition will be joined by representatives from 34 provinces in Indonesia. The participants will show the characteristics of their regional cultures. Creativity and aesthetics from the stand will be part of the assessment. Each stand must display traditional weapons, regional musical instruments, regional fabrics, regional food, miniature traditional houses, and other displays related to the characteristics of each region.


What are you waiting for, come, and enjoy the Funtastic Ragam Indonesia 2018 that will make your day more exciting and fun. Learning while enjoying the wealth of various regional cultural elements that consist  of art performances, culinary bazaars, various attractions, performances from famous musician and any other series of agenda that will make your day become energic and cheerful. Be part of this Funtastic Ragam Indonesia 2018 and Show your Pride !