Event Services

Opening or Launching

We are cordially excited to partner with any corporate, agency, or business individual to bring energy and enthusiasm on your opening ceremony or product launching as well as value socialization and more through brand or value experience that speaks to all targeted attendes or audience which is tailored them wowed and engaged to it.

Roadshow Promotion

Your product or value is a king, but promotion is the queen hence having a finest quality product without promotion is like winking at a girl in the dark, you know what you are doing, yet no body does. Here, we come to  ensure you a list of full-services to choose from for all aspects to allow your brands to build much closer ties with their consumer. In addition,  your promotion interest of brand or business to be much more recognized by mass audience


Meeting can be a one-time event or it might recur regularly. A conference is similar but usually has a specific objective and exchange of information. For instance: board meeting for corporate groups, financial seminars for local, national or international participants.
Incentive, trips plan by companies as a reward or training for employees and so on. For instance: awarding ceremony or reception are conducted by the head company director for high performing employees.
Convention, general assemblies, government or non-government conferences hosted by international associations
Exhibiton, any theme of shows for month or anual exhibition. At an exhibition, products or services are displayed, and they might be the primary focus of the event. Other conferences and events might also have an exhibition as one of the components. Businesses court new clients and debut their latest offerings at these events.
Batam has a strategic location adjacent to Singapore and Malaysia which has been notably becoming one of the most promising commercial, industrial, and commercial zone in Indonesia. We are ready to arrange your MICE agenda at any time in the gate of  maritime tourism of Indonesia.

Festival Celebration/Anniversary/Commemoration

Whether you are celebrating Idul Fitri, Ramadhan, Christmas, Easter, Waisak, Silent Day, Summer, Valentine, Mother’s Day, Halloween, World Cup and so on  for our team will assist  you to celebrate life’s incredible occasions with excellent quality services and commitment . A life moment can be a  valuable marketing tools that allow any brand to lay the groundwork to establish a positive reputation with their potential consumer base.

Promotion Video

“There is no such thing as an attention span. There is only the quality of what you are viewing.” This type of promotion examples showcase the various types of promotional videos have used to advertise and market themselves irrespective of the industry they belong to. Company, agency, individu to government promotional videos are effective, engaging and  informative enough to explain & promote their values, services and products.

Sports Tourism

Sports tourism is witnessing higher humongous growth globally. Sport tourists are gradually experimenting with active sport tourism as well. Even in countries like Fiji, Brazil, Africa, and South Korea, the sports tourism industry is flourishing at a rapid pace. It spikes in number of sports events, better spending capacity of the masses, emergence of advanced technologies, low traveling cost, and preference from an active lifestyle. These significant 5 factors lead Batam to be a suitable place dubbed as the island for sports junkie since our team have had conducted both national-international scale sports tourism. We are cordially honored in desigining, monitoring and evaluating for your strategic upcoming sports tourism as Through The Line (TTL) promotion media to make your brand or value far reaching in society.